That Delivered change, 2016- Present

Lowest Average Tax Increase in a Decade

$300 Property Grant to Seniors

Protecting Community Character

9 M Height Restrictions on Infill Development

Accessible Frenchman’s Bay Park Plan

Integrated Transportation Masterplan

Cycling, Walking and Driving

Safe Streets Initiatives

Education, Awareness and Enforcement

A Pickering for All Ages

Age Friendly Strategy

Pickering is a vibrant community with great potential and a great place to live.

We are a diverse community from all walks of life.

Our communities are changing, as are our challenges. We face increasing gridlock, higher costs of living, needing more options for an aging population, more jobs and solutions to high youth unemployment.

As a strong and engaged community working together with the City and the Council.Together we can and will make a difference.

Be part of Positive Change:

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Working to Deliver Change, 2018- 2022

Reduce Residential Tax Base

New Revenues for the City

New Business Opportunities and Employment Opportunities

Support to Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Create Increased Opportunities for Youth

Revitalization of the Downtown Centre

Seniors Activity Centre, New Central Library, Youth Gymnasium

More Aordable Housing Options